Thursday, April 24, 2008

What I Do When I'm Alone

The Singer by ~MargaritaMix on deviantART

Yup that's what I do when I'm alone. I sing! No one really knows this but I love singing. I just don't want anyone to hear me singing because I'm not that good yet. Whenever I'm alone at home I always try to record a song but so far I haven't finished any recordings yet.

I actually sound good but I'm a bit shy so I don't really try to reach the high notes because my house is near the highway and people might hear me. But wait... what do I care? I'm moving and who are they to judge me sing? They're not Simon Cowell! Hahaha! My dad will be leaving soon with my younger brother so the house will be mine. Therefore, neighbors prepare your ear plugs cause I'm gonna sing! Actually I prefer to be in a sound proof room right now or better, in the middle of nowhere.

I plan to sing Angels that Robbie Williams sang. Well I only liked Angels when David Archuleta sang it (no offense Robbie, I think you're a great artist ^_^). So guys wait for my recording of Angels hahaha!

If you want to hear Angels by David Archuleta just click HERE.

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