Tuesday, April 15, 2008

You Don't Like Me? No Problem!

My friend Ellen has a younger brother who transferred to our university last year. I know that it might be difficult for him to transfer and all because he might not have friends and all. So every time he joins his sister for lunch or when they meet up at the library I had always tried my best to be nice at him (smiling and all).

But what a huge slap it is to me when his sister told me that he didn't like me and all... I forgot what Ellen and I were talking about when she brought that topic up. Of course I was quite offended with the statement and I replied, "Good! I never liked him the first time I laid eyes on him too!"

I was so infuriated! Like from all of the good deeds I've done from lending him my clothes when he needed it and being nice (which I normally don't do to strangers) he has the guts to hate me? Yeah not liking someone is the same as hate as I realized that he didn't want to be around me whenever he and his sis meets up. Like whatever dude! I was not placed in this world to please you.

Just recently I came to his home because me and my friends slept over at Ellen's house and of course he would be there because he lived there. I did my best to ignore him and I did a great job too. Ellen told him that he and I should be friends now and guess what he said? "Edgar and I are already friends..." yeah right in your dreams! I wonder when we did become friends.

I gave him my hand of friendship and I gave effort to get to know him (from sending Friendster messages and accepting his request to burn him some songs) and he just pushed my hand away. It's his lost not mine. But why am I blabbering about him anyway?

Maybe it's to share to everyone that don't be affected if anyone rejects you whenever you extend your friendship. You're not the one with the issues, they are!


  1. I just love the way you write!As with Ellen's brother,may you be friends soon,hikhik!

  2. Wow that compliment is very nice! ^_^ Thank you very much! I'm glad that somehow someone appreciates my writing. Anyway, yeah I think I forgave him already (indirectly of course) hehehe. But I don't plan to leave hard feelings when I leave the Philippines for Canada.

    Thanks for visiting Ritchiela!