Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Swimming Safety

Ok this post may not be related to nursing or health (well somehow it is) but it is related to life and death...

Accidents do happen and cases of drowning are the worst accident that could happen. You and your friends are having fun at the beach or in the pool when all of a sudden friend disappears and you find his/her dead body minutes later.

We all have had a near-drowning experience and it is very frightening. We all had tried swimming in deep waters and then our muscles give up or worst we get a cramp. So to prevent incidents of drowning here are some swimming tips:
  1. Always have a buddy system to always check if your partner is doing well and isn't drowning.
  2. Do not swim in deep waters if you do not know how to swim. Use flotation devices if you insist on swimming.
  3. Never swim in a pool without a life guard.
  4. Learn how to float! Floating is a vital skill every swimmer should have because if one has cramps or any muscle weakness one could just float and rest.
I'm no expert at swimming but these are just some tips based on experience that I could share. The floating part saved me from drowning countless of times.

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  1. It's must to follow safety rules while swimming. Thanks for providing information about this.