Thursday, April 17, 2008

The Blogger Addict

I went down to school today because I had some unfinished business and who do I have with me today? No other than my handy dandy laptop. I didn't want to miss out on the juicy blogging happenings hahaha!

Last night (or a few hours ago) I slept at 2:00 am since I decided to blog hop on all of my blogging friends' blog and boy it was very time-consuming but very fun too! I had seen new updates and learned new amazing stuff from their blogs. I would like to blog hop to their pages every day but I guess that my sanity won't handle it hehehe.

But yeah the Blogger Addict (that's me if you haven't noticed yet, Lol) needs to be comfortable too while blogging. Sure they say that laptops were meant to be used on laps but it's just so uncomfortable and I don't want to bend my back since my back is slouched already hahaha! I made a little blogger space for myself in my room. I set up a nice desk with a chair (that keeps my back straight) and good lighting to avoid blogger eye strain hehehe. ^_^

Oh well, if I'm an addict then I should be addicted in a good and productive way hehehe. To all my fellow blogging addicts, aja! Continue our pursuit for blogging happiness, Lol.


  1. Amen, pinay bloggerang addict lol! It's a good addiction diba? You earn money pa :)

  2. Yes so true! If everyone was an addicted blogger then their writing skills would really improve too! ^_^