Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Do You Have A Girlfriend?

One question that really irritates me is "Do you have a girlfriend?". Why? Well it's just because why do you want to know if ever I have a girlfriend? Is it a requirement to have a girlfriend to be successful in my chosen career or finish college? Or does having a girlfriend make me a better person and most importantly, will having a girlfriend contribute to the betterment of mankind?

I don't think so.

It irritates me so much when I'm asked this because it degrades the idea and point of having a relationship. Having a relationship is not just for the sake of it. That is what most teens think that's why they look for a relationship just for the sake of having one because it is the norm or the "in" thing in college.

My ideals and principles dictates to me that a relationship is based on love. I don't have a girlfriend or any intimate relationship for that matter because I haven't found the one that I love, my other half, my equal. Love will come and you don't look for it. If you try looking for love then you would just find losers who are in desperate to have a relationship for very wrong reasons.

My idea of having a relationship is having a partner who you will love and who loves you and both of you would live your entire life together. I'm after a serious-marriage type of relationships not just flings or one night stands.

So if I wasn't in a good mood while that mother asked me if I had a girlfriend, I would have replied: "I don't have a girlfriend because I don't want to end up like your kids who ended up getting pregnant and married early without finishing college (such losers)!"

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