Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Brother Why Don't You Blog?!

My brother is so irritating! I wasted my time making him a blog and I did all the preliminary linking and submission to blog directories so that he'll just need to post his entries! I was the one who even made his first post because he's just too lazy!

I don't know why he's lazy or what keeps him busy. All I know is that he always goes out of the house to hang out with his high school drop out friends. He wins the black sheep of the family award no doubt about it!

I sometimes wonder if he ever thinks of his future. My mom tells me that he's still young and needs more guidance. But young? Are you sure? For someone who can smoke and drink and someone who refuses to hear advice from his parents I don't think so that he's innocent or "young". He's old enough to be responsible for his actions! He's already going to be in the 11th grade and people of that age are already mature. Hell, I was only in grade 6 when I already started thinking of my future.

I sometimes think if he was bottle fed when he was still below one year old that is why he is intellectually and psychologically retarded. He had a choice to drink and smoke and do all those stupid things that he does, he should be sensible enough to get his act together before it's too late. I hope that I won't get a son like him in the future who is so irresponsible and darn selfish.

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