Thursday, April 24, 2008

Why Not Become An X-Ray Technician

Ok, in my last post I said that I might not be able to finish my Bachelor of Science in Nursing or maybe I'd pursue another career in the medical field. As they say, when a door closes enter a window! I've found another great medical career that I know I'll definitely go into if my plans for nursing don't push though. And what career is this? No other than being an x-ray technician.

What a better way to work in the hospital and you're pretty much in demand because x-ray diagnostics is a routine procedure in every hospital. And take note that the median wage for an x-ray technician is $40,000. That's more like a registered nurse's salary!

But let's not talk about money. Being an x-ray technician is also quite interesting as you get to work with state of the art equipments like X-rays, MRI's (magnetic resonance imaging), and CT (computerized tomography) Scanners. Plus you don't have to suffer like some nurses who have a lot of patients to handle, illegible doctor handwritings, and some very irritable patients.

So if you're a nurse you only need to study for one year and you could already be an x-ray technician. Even I, who have finished a 2 year Associate In Health Science Education, could qualify as an x-ray technician so I already have another career path if ever nursing does not work for me.

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