Wednesday, April 16, 2008

On Changing the Blog HTML and CSS

I have wanted to change the layout and HTML design of my blog for some while now but I realize that doing so would result in the removal of some of my widgets and links. I may want to make my blog more nice looking but the consequences outweighs the benefits so I would rather stick to my old plain blog design.

A blog friend, Ruthi, had changed her blog HTML design and is recently having some trouble with her PayPerPost tools. It seems that her code was erased when she changed her HTML and she's having some difficulty in re-installing her PPP code.

I really am sad for her because I know how frustrating it is to have very good opportunities from PPP pass by because of her present technical difficulty. I had some suggestions that might help her like adding the code before the /body tag and refreshing the code but I'm no expert at HTML codes so it so sad that I can't really help her.

So to bloggers out there who would want to change how their blogs look, better think twice and be sure that you have a good know-how with these confusing HTML and CSS codes. It would be best if you redesigned your blog when you first started the blog.


  1. Hi Edgar,

    Your blog template looks neat. I love the black background but you know what in the future kung talagang gusto mo change ang layout- copy paste lang yung code from ppp between < body > at < /body >. Tapos refresh after you save the new template. Walla, you are done!

    But your current template is neat naman eh. :)

    Have a wonderful day!

    Ingat lagi,

    Ate Anah

  2. Elow Ate Anah!

    Thanks for the advise! I don't plan on changing my template anymore. I'm glad that you find my template is neat. That's a very nice compliment. ^_^