Tuesday, April 29, 2008

The Sedona Method

Have you ever wanted to be at peace? I mean literally in a state of euphoria where all your anger, fears, greed, stress, and all those human emotions just simply melt away. How easy it is if you could just let go of all the baggages that you have and just move on with your life being happy and content. With The Sedona Method, you could achieve lasting happiness, success peace, and emotional well-being.

How The Sedona Method is the bridge between The Secret and the Law of Attraction is not very confusing and very easy to understand. So first what is the Law of Attraction? The Law of Attraction is the state where you hope and wish for something to happen and it will happen. It relies on the principle "Like attracts Like". What you want will come when you want it. But the problem with us humans is when we want to make something happen we use the of personal will (ego). We may end up getting what we want but we don't let go of the thoughts and feelings that we have to achieve our goals so we end up being miserable while causing misery to other people too!

What's beautiful about The Sedona Method is that you are able to attract your goals by dissolving rather than strengthening your ego. We don't have to force ourselves to think positive and over stress our selves into forcing ourselves to go to the direction we want.
"With The Sedona Method we create what we want by letting go of our imaginary sense of limitation, our incessant need for more, our desire for the goal, and our attachments and aversions to the goal – in short, ego itself. By creating through letting go of every goal, we also support ourselves in awakening."

Wow! This is one way to reach a spiritual enlightenment indeed. Please visit the website of The Sedona Method to learn more about this wonderful key to set ourselves free from all negativity and to get your free DVD and CD!

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