Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Blogger's Crisis

I'm having a little problem right now. I have said that I've bought my own domain and I am pretty happy about that. I have always wanted to have my very own website that carries my name and is not under any subdomain or domain name extensions like .blogspot (Sorry Blogger but I still do love you! ^_^), .wordpress, .anything.

Now my objective is done but I have a big problem and I am having a difficult time choosing whether I should create a new blog or to simply move one of my blogs to my own domain. Here are some of the pros and cons that I have seen:

1. Creating a NEW Blog
  • Pros - I start a fresh blog where I could integrate my nursing life, personal life, and blogging life. More like of a hybrid of my Grim Angel (personal life) & My Nurses Notes (student nurse life). I plan to name my new blog as "Angel in the Sickroom" Lol! ^_^ And as always I'll place a Photoshop edited picture of myself in a nursing uniform with wings [still black, white is good but I prefer black because I'm the Angel of Death (hence Grim Angel) hahaha!].
  • Cons - Managing 3 blogs would be difficult (even managing my 2 blogs now is quite difficult) so I have to let go of My Nurses Notes.
2. Moving My Present Blogs to my Own Domain
  • Pros - All my links would still work and my readers wouldn't find it difficult to find me.
  • Cons - I might be penalized for a duplicate blog or whatever since I moved some of my posts from my Grim Angel to My Nurses Notes. No wonder my PR of Grim Angel dropped from 1 to 0. I actually didn't know that. ^_^ Now I know. And I do want to start a fresh blog...
Wait I think I just found my answer to my problems. I just have to make a new blog that's fresh. I won't delete My Nurses Notes but I won't be updating it anymore. It will just stand there as an archive for my posts (I really took some time and effort making some of my posts on My Nurses Notes so I'll really miss it. I could just move it but I don't want to risk my new blog as tagged as a duplicate.

So I have to say good bye to my beloved My Nurses Notes and welcome my upcoming blog Angel in the Sickroom. I really like the name. I'm not sure if I will be a nurse (I could be a doctor or a med technician) so it's kind of a safe name right? I was thinking of Angel in the Alleyway but that's David Archuleta's song hahaha!

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