Monday, April 14, 2008

5.11 Tactical Pants!

Do you guys know what one thing cops need in order for them to get out of the house? PANTS! Well yeah I know everybody needs to have pants on to be seen in public but if you're a cop having 5.11 Tactical is simply a must!

The use of 5.11 Tactical by cops and other law enforcement officers have been for over 20 years now and this isn't a huge wonder since 5.11 Tactical are very durable (good for running while chasing the bad guys) and very convenient too as the 5.11 Tactical have lots of pockets to store cop stuff like handcuffs, police badge, and what have you.

So bad guys beware! Because the cops with 5.11 Tactical are here! They show off a good fashion statement and at the same time the 5.11 Tactical enhance the safety, speed, accuracy, and performance of these hard working law enforcers!

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