Tuesday, April 22, 2008

My New Website!

Yipee! I have done it! One of my dreams have already been met. I have my own personal website at my very own domain! It's not finished yet but my new domain is at http://www.edgarvincentbautista.com!

Yeah I know that I said that I couldn't change the domain that I had registered in (www.mynursesnotes.com) but turns out that I can. The guys at Technographx were really nice and that they respond to my questions and requests ASAP since you can contact them directly through YM. And I also just found out that Technographx is a Filipino Webhosting Company based in the Philippines (where else would a Filipino company be based? Ireland? ^_^).

Anyway I've decided to get my own domain since one, it's my dream, and two, this blog demoted to a PR 0. So returning to a PR 0 is actually a good thing since it opened a new window to better opportunities. I had fun maintaining this blog and my other blog, My Nurses Notes, and I think it's already time to spread my wings and become a pro-blogger (char, Lol!).

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