Saturday, September 27, 2008

Limketkai Center: The SHAME of Cagayan de Oro

Limketkai Center is said to be the "Pride of Cagayan de Oro City" but after what they have done to my friend, I don't think so!

It all happened when my friend was shopping at Limketkai Center when all of the sudden a crazed maniac security guard pointed a gun at my friend and accused my friend of stealing. If that scene is very uncomfortable, try being surrounded by a crowd of people staring down at you and shouting "kawatan!" or thief in English.

My friend was harrassed and humiliated in front of a crowd (it's a mall for crying out loud located in a not very big city). The character and public image of my friend was tarnished. If my friend really did steal anything then why didn't they find the object which they accused my friend of shoplifting? What, cat got their tounge?

Well they picked on the wrong person when Limketkai threw a public spectacle because they messed with the wrong person. My friend and my friend's family won't back down and won't be oppressed. Here starts the legal battle between the large business entity, Limketkai Center versus my friend.

My friend and my friend's family would have settled for an amicable settlement but Limketkai Center won't back down and instead of paying for damages they don't want to lose any money (typical of money-hungry companies). And guess what? Limketkai made the security guard lie and made up stupid stories to portray an image of my friend as a little kid who didn't listen to my friend's father and stole what ever they accused her of stealing. Limketkai even gave out the statement that if she was really innocent, why didn't she just flee the scene because she wasn't being detained anyway. Yeah right! You call a gun being pointed at you as not being detained? And besides, only the guilty would run away at the scene of the crime.

The security guard of limketkai has NO REMORSE at all and still believes that accusing people of shoplifting and humiliating them in froint of the public and threatening them with a deadly weapon is all fine and dandy.

I hate companies like LIMKETKAI CENTER who have no conscience or whatever! They should take the responsibility of their employee's mistake and make a public apology to my friend. But instead of doing what's right, they just decided to save the money and back up the claims of my friend.

If I were only in the Philippines right now, I would gather people and take this issue to the media and let everyone know how morally corrupt LIMKETKAI CENTER is and instead of being called the "Pride of Cagayan de Oro" it should be called "The SHAME of Cagayan de Oro".

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