Saturday, September 27, 2008

Breaking Free

When we turn on the TV, the headlines are always the same... it's either prices of consumer goods are rising, houses being foreclosed, or the most recent headliner: the Wall Street Crisis. Let's face it the economy is pretty bad right now and it's only going to be worst if consumers (that's us) become knee deep in debt.

But first of all let us talk about the reasons why we are in this current situation. Well let's just say that with oil prices hiking up and more jobs are lost because huge companies go into bankruptcy we can't help but use our credit cards. But on the other hand, even if the economy was good, we would still be using our credit cards. There's actually nothing wrong with the use of credit cards, in fact the use of credit cards is very handy and convenient. The only thing that we should know is that we shouldn't spend more than what we earn.

Unfortunately, their are thousands of people take up the habit of over-using their credit cards that they make late payments, minimum payments, or they don't pay at all because they don't have the funds. Therefore they end up being buried with debt as the interests pile up. And what does bad credit mean? Well you won't be approved for credit that's for sure. You can't get new mortgages and let's just say your life would be a living hell. You will work and work but the money you earn won't be enough to provide you a happy life because you can't pay your debts until you die.

But never lose hope because getting credit card debt help is not far away. Credit card counseling is a service provided to help you and your family break free from the chains of debt and continue to live and enjoy life.

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