Monday, September 1, 2008

Tsada Edmonton!

It was such a shame that I wasn't able to join the Kagay-anons here in Edmonton in celebrating our own little fiesta. Yup all people here from Cagayan de Oro City (Kagay-anons) gathered together and celebrated the feast of St. Agustine.

It's amazing that even if we are in Canada we still don't forget that we are Filipinos... but not just any Filipino... we are Kagay-anons! Proud to be! Hehehe.

If you're wondering why the theme of the fiesta is Tsada Edmonton well let's just say that it's somehow a spoof of Tsada Cagayan. Tsada meaning great or good. So basically Tsada Edmonton because we are Kagay-anons living in a beautiful and great city of edmonton in the wonderful country of Canada.

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