Wednesday, September 10, 2008

I'm the Baker

Yup you heard me life. I'm officially the baker... well for today anyway. Yup I'm a trainee baker but I was able to do some solo work back in the kitchen.

I actually love being the baker because I don't have to serve any customers face to face. I don't like dealing with people... but then how can I be a nurse huh? But being a nurse is quite better than being a food store employee because most stupid people think that just because we are low earners we are uneducated.

Anyway on with my rantings. One thing that I don't like about baking is the cleaning part (aside from the going into the freezer to get stuff). Yup I hate cleaning the oven because the oven cleaner is so noxious and it's too bad that my employers don't even bother providing us with gloves and masks.

Anyway I told my manager that I couldn't work mornings anymore because I had a second part-time job as a call center agent (which of course is a lie). Good thing that it was my good manager that was working and not my bad manager who we Pinoys call Jessebel which I don't know why... maybe I'll ask tomorrow.

Well that's all for my updates today as a hard working person living out my life and slowly dying... I'm so dull sorry but that's plain old me. Simple and boring... peace out!

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