Saturday, September 27, 2008

I Passed the Test!

You might be wondering what test I passed. Well it's definitely not the board exam that's for sure. I, ladies and gentlemen, am a proud passer of the Knowledge Test for the Alberta Class 7 Driver's License!

Yup! I took advantage of the week I was jobless and instead of becoming a couch potato or the common household bum, I was able to make use of my time into something productive.

But the truth is I actually bummed around the house all week. I only studied for the exam in like a day (a few hours really). And I barely passed the exam too. The test had 30 questions and the passing point was 25. And I got 25 of those very difficult and confusing questions right! One more wrong and I would have failed and my $8 examination fee would have gone to waste.

Well, guess I'll be waiting for my driver's license in the mail. In the mean time I have to find myself another job so that I can afford a driving school.

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