Friday, September 19, 2008

I'm Back! Well Sort of...

After being MIA (Missing in Action) for so many days I've finally returned to my little home in cyberspace to blog about stuff that has been happening to me lately. Well a lot of things have happened since I was last here and I kind of regret not being to blog each one of them after they happened. Now I have to recall what happened the past few weeks and make an entry about them.

Well for starters, I just realized how lazy I am. I'm amazed how quickly time passes by and how many hours I lose by being a couch potato. Yup I just lay there in the couch watching TV and time passes by and I never accomplish anything worthwhile unlike when I am blogging.

Anyway I guess I'd quit this ugly habit of mine of just lying on the couch watching TV. The TV and the couch are not my friend! I should really remember that.

Anyway I'll try to make it a habit to write a post in my blog at least once a day. That's not too hard to accomplish right?

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