Friday, September 19, 2008

Cosmetic Surgery: To Do or Not to Do

Cosmetic surgery has been a controversial topic for years now and like always, people are divided: people who are pro-cosmetic surgery and the people who are anti-cosmetic surgery. There are some people who approach cosmetic surgery in a religious and self-righteous way. They say that people should not have cosmetic surgeries like boob jobs because we are already perfect and we are beautiful as we are because this is the way that God wanted us to be.

But in my opinion, I approach this issue in a scientific way and practical way. What I mean by this statement is that I am for cosmetic surgery and I will want to have a surgery done to me like a liposuction. Many people have already done several cosmetic surgeries to their body and this is why they are now beautiful or even more beautiful than ever... who are they? The celebrities of course.

Some would say that they would prefer real "natural" beauty but they are being hypocritical about this when the people they idolize and even obsess about are products of cosmetic surgery. I am happy that cosmetic surgery is available because with this science we are able to correct any flaws that we may have in ourselves thus making our lives better. Because of cosmetic surgeries people who sometimes see themselves as ugly are given the chance to live life again to the fullest without being restrained by the thoughts that people will judge them and their physical flaws. With cosmetic surgery, people become more positive and happy as well as confident about themselves.

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