Monday, September 22, 2008

For the Love of Food

It can't be denied. I love food! That's why I'm growing fatter and fatter each day. One thing I hate about Canada is that food is so affordable. One could afford to buy food for a week with just one day of pay from working. And people buy food here by the bulk because buying by bulk is way cheaper than buying by a piece.

Every day in our house is like a feast because we always have at least three kinds of dishes (or viand) and I am forced to east because I don't want to leave left-overs because left-overs just are just left in the freezer to become stale and inedible and food just go to waste.

I admit that I binge eat and I guess I have to get control over my hunger and impulses. I should remind me that food is just energy and it's not to be made a reward or a source of pleasure. But food is just too enjoyable to resist.

But at least now I exercise... well I just started today but I know that if I stick to my exercise routine and if I eat healthy and nutritious foods then I will be on the right track to success ei? Well, we will see.

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