Sunday, September 7, 2008

I Don't Want to Work Mornings

You know what? I have gone through hell and back when I was working 11 pm to 7 am and now they once again are giving me morning shifts (7 am to 3 pm). What's so bad about morning? Well I work from 3 pm to 11 pm then I go to work the next day at 7 am in the morning. It's ok if it was school I can deal with it but no, it's work where I am pushed to the limit being forced to work faster and where I have to serve some cranky customers who hadn't have their daily dose of caffeine.

I'm going to tell my manager again today that I don't want to work morning shifts. But this time I will work the 2 days she gave me without even asking my consent if I want to work morning (what am I? a slave?). I'll tell her that I can't work the weeks after because it will be in conflict with my second job (which I wished I had so I can quit this one).

If she gets mad and fires me then she's actually doing me a favor. Geez! I was hired to work at 3-11 and I am comfortable with that shift and I work great in this shift so leave me alone and let me do my job. Geez.

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