Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Loving Those Limos

A friend of mine who lives in Dallas invited me over to stay at their place for a week, a sort of short vacation from the plain and dull existence that I call my life. I actually refused to go because Dallas is very far away from Edmonton but then she caught my attention when she bribed me of fetching me at the airport in one of those famous Dallas limousine.

Who would have guessed that I would actually go all the way to Dallas just to enjoy a limo ride. Oh well, you can't blame me for wanting to ride in those beautiful and luxurious cars. For me, being able to ride in one of those means that you either have reached the peak of your life where you have gained either fame, power, wealth or all three of them.

I just love those very attractive classic stretch limos, especially those cool hummer limos like what gcslimousine.com shows and actually offer great limo service. One of these days I'll give my very cunning friend a surprise visit and I'd be cruising into her home riding one of those awesome limos in comfort, style, and luxury. Getting to ride in a limo is a great way to enjoy.

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