Friday, October 10, 2008


AAH!!! I hate staying at home doing nothing! I want to go to school already so that I can start living my life and so that I can reach my dream and my goal to be a nurse practitioner or even a doctor for God sakes!

Anyway I was venting just a while ago but I can let out a sigh of relief now because my friend just told me that she has already started working on the course descriptions that University of Alberta has asked for. Well I'd love to do that my self but I don't want to waste money in going back to the Philippines just to collect course descriptions for each of my subjects that I have taken.

I'm a bit pissed at the registrar of Xavier University because she didn't even acknowledge that she had received my letter (which I sent through FedEx - very heavy on the wallet) and that she needs money just to print the course descriptions. If it weren't for my friend, years would have passed by and she wouldn't do anything. And even if I did pay her to print the damn transcript of records she still requires me to go to each department to collect course descriptions... what a bad bad bad registrar... to think that she's in an institution where generosity and cura personalis (care for others) is highly emphasized.

Anyway my friends are working on my future already so I'm somehow content. Somehow things are getting better because Quizno's Subs called me today asking if I'm still interested in applying for a job. Although I promised my self that I won't work for a fastfood chain anymore because of some annoying, blood sucking customers I decided to throw away my pride and dignity and accept that job since it's near my home and I'm in dire need for a job because my bank account is drying up fast.

Oh well, just wish me lucj that I get that job tomorrow.

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