Saturday, October 18, 2008

Job Hunting to Job Hopping... Part 2

Ok now I'm in a deeper situation than I had expected... I have done my just in the spur of the moment decision making and I am now once again in a very difficult situation... caught in the middle as the old cliche goes.

I was really hoping that my manager at Tim Hortons would decline the demands that I had given them as I wrote here but she quickly succumbed to my requests and a little later she was asking me when I could start! I was jobless and now I have jobs all over the place (well just two anyway).

Now I was about to quit my present job at Quizno's Subs and having to sit with the two store owners, who where very nice to me, was a very unnerving situation. I was imagining that they'd throw me out of the store or something but they did something far worst: they made me feel guilty. They told me that the reason why they hired me from several people who wanted to work for them was because I told them that I wouldn't quit if ever a job that I've applied to called me up and hired me. But although I never applied back to Tim Hortons, I have to agree that I broke my promise to them and that showed a bad character on my side.

It breaks my heart to betray them like this (although they won't pay me for the days I've worked if I quit) and I am given more pressure when they told me that they are willing to take me as part time. So I can work 11 am to 3 pm for them and then 3 pm to 11 pm for Tim Hortons. I'd love to do this but I'm a lazy person. I only want to work so that my bank acount won't be empty but now I have to work not for the sake of earning money but for the sake of saving myself from the guilt of abandoning my present job whom I swore my loyalty... though spot I am right now...

Oh well I'll talk to my manger at Tim Hortons and I'll see if I can arrange something with her like if I can start working 3:30 pm to 11:30 pm or something. Oh boy... things are going to be like hell. I'm going to be a full time worker, NO!!!

But here's the catch here... if I push too much I might reach the breaking point of my manager at Tim Horton's and she might as well fire me and then if I come crawling back to Quizno's they might also drop my sorry self (although I doubt it because they really are that nice).

My life and all the dramas... I hate it.

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