Friday, October 3, 2008

An Update on the Job Hunt

Well I could say that today's job hunt went pretty well... well not really.

I mean the only job hunting I did was search online through and and although out of my resumes sent I think only 3% or less responded to my application and asked for an interview.

Although the job offers where good I realized that waking up really early in the morning and taking the bus to work was not my idea of fun.

Well call me lazy (I know) but I really did not want to work far from home with a salary that isn't worth the stress of traveling. Well after several weeks of being jobless I finally decided to apply once again to Safeway as either a cashier, store clerk, baker, or meat wrapper. I didn't really care if I earned around $9.50/hour (the same wage I got with Tim Hortons) because the work is not that stressful unlike Tim Hortons and the earliest time I have to go to work would be 9 am and the latest would be 9 pm or 7 pm.

I do know that working with Safeway means that I have to get into a Union and all but that's ok. It's also ok with me if I start as Part time and then slowly move to full time and move my way up. In Safeway the time slots for work are based on seniority or the time you worked for Safeway.

I'm actually not that confident that they would call me again since I didn't appear the last time I was called for an interview. I didn't show up since I already had a job at Tim Hortons.

But if they don't take me then I will go with Sobeys, which is nearer to my house. And if Sobeys do not take me then I have no choice but to go back to Tim Hortons. Well I think they still would take me in because my manager (actually she asked my co-worker to call me) just called this morning asking if I would want to work for them as a part-time employee. Well I would love to earn money but I really don't want to work in the morning because that's one of my reasons why I quit.

Well the job that I'm really aming for was the call center job at Convergys since it's very near and taking calls from customers (even if they are rude and annoying) isn't that hard because I don't really see them so all their hate I can just ignore since they are hating the company and not me. A call center did offer me a job but it was so far that I refused it. I went to Convergys but they were closed to the public so I didn't have the opportunity to submit my resume. I have to ask my brother's friend how his sister was able to apply.

But if Safeway does offer me a job, I'll have no second thoughts and I'll take it immediately.

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