Thursday, October 23, 2008

The Sacrifice

My body hurts all over right now. I can't believe that I have to work tomorrow even if I have a day off at Tim Hortons. Guess this is what I get for having two jobs. I actually have no problem at my job at Quizno's because my co-worker/store owner/supervisor always helps me with my tasks. My problem is again at Tim Hortons. It's great that there are more employees during my shift but the thing is what good will it be if there is one more employee when that employee just stands in one corner and wait for nothing while there is this huge line-up!

Geez! It's like there's no need for that person to come to work at all because he's no help at all. Plus he stinks too, no kidding! Everyone notices his smell... I wonder why he doesn't care to take a shower and use some deodorant... geez...

Anyway I don't mind if he's a useless bum... what I do care about is the customers that I have to face instead of him. I wonder why some people love to complain. And sometimes they complain too much that it already becomes soooo stupid. I hate it when people tell me that the washroom stinks. Well sorry but do I look like the janitor to you? Grrr! And besides it's the freaking customers who don't know how to use the washrooms that's why it stinks.

Anyway there was this guy who ordered mocha with extra toppings. As I was about to finish, this moron complained that he asked for extra toppings (and I already did give him extra toppings). So I added more, now he complains how he would place the lid on when there's too much toppings. So I did the whole thing all over again showing him exactly the same way I did it in the first place... and what did you know? I was doing the right thing while he was just complaining too much!

That's what I hate about Tim Hortons customers... they tend to complain, nag, and be bitchy about every single detail. If you want your coffee to suit your weird tastes then make your coffee yourself! Geez! And not every Filipino who works at Tim Hortons is a contract worker who you could just look down at. Not even the Indians or any other nationality because you don't know us and you don't know that we just have to bare seeing your faces and serving you while we wait for the start of university. Damn, some people really get on my nerves.

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