Sunday, February 1, 2009

Neither a Borrower Nor a Lender Be

This quote by William Shakespeare has really enlightened me and I'm willing to place it in my top 5 most favorite quotes (that is if i had a Top 5 Quotes List). I should have listened to my mother or consulted with my mother before I lent a friend out of my naivety Php 20,000 or CAN$ 500!

Now that friend cannot be reached. Her cellphone is always turned off and she doesn't reply to my e-mails or instant messages. It's funny how easy it was to reach her when she needed money immediately like as in now at this very moment and now that it's time for her to pay it back, it's like she never existed!

I will charge this $500 to experience and I will never lend money to anyone from the Philippines or even anyone that lives near me here in Canada unless they sign a contract with me clearly stating the amount they borrowed, the date they will have to pay me, and the consequences of defaulting upon our agreement.

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