Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Glasses to See the World Clearly

My dad has so many eyeglasses. But the problem is he can never keep track of where his glasses are and he usually loses them, destroys them, or I throw them away because they are ancient and it would be a crime against fashion if I let him wear it around in public.

It costs us a great fortune going back and forth to the eyeglass store to get him a new pair at least twice or thrice a month! In fact when we walk in the store, this sales lady would immediately hand us a list of the bifocal reading glasses that my dad likes (which he usually misplaces).

In this time of economic crisis and slowdown, I guess that I just had to find a way to lessen our expenses. That's why I'm so glad that I found an online store that sells cheap prescription eyeglasses! What I liked about this store is that they had trendy, fashionable, and of great quality prescription eyeglasses for a very reasonable price too of $15!

What I like about this store is that they have this thing they call Virtual try-on system that as the name suggests, allows you to try on the product allowing you to know how it would look on your face.

And if you ever dreamed of having different looks every week, optical4less.com grants that dream because as I said they sell their eyeglasses cheap, plus they get delivered right to your doorstep just in 1 week plus they offer free shipping worldwide if you get more than 1 pair of glasses.

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