Monday, February 16, 2009

13 Year Old Father

Look at this baby-faced boy... look at the baby... aren't these two brothers look so cute together? Well they are cute but they sure aren't brothers! The 13 year old boy is the baby's father!!! Seems like a big joke right? But this isn't any laughing matter.

I first heard of this story on the news but confirmed it at Juliana's new blog WAHM Talks! What is happening to the world? Why are these things happening? I can't believe that a 13 year old boy can become a father! I can't even believe that he lost his virginity at that young age!

This is why kids these days shouldn't be allowed to have intimate relationships like girlfriends or boyfriends because they have no idea what an intimate relationship is really about and where it should be headed...

It such a shame that an innocent 13 year old was already tainted at such a young age. He doesn't even know how grave the situation is.

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