Thursday, October 12, 2006

Abused Customer Service Agent

The link above will lead youto a taped conversation of a PLDT DSL subscriber and a PLDT Customer Service Agent. The customer is very hot headed and is putting all his frustration on the poor customer service agent. The customer service agent has just got enough of him and turned her microphone to mute and cursed at him.... well so she thought... because the very hot headed customer heard her curse and so he became very violent and made the poor customer agent day a living hell.

The agent just broke down crying...

In my opinion, the customer has all the right to be frustrated but he should also consider that the agent had nothing to do with the failure of the company. She just receives complaints and tries to convey this complaints to the department that would look to this. The customer has no right to attack these poor innocent customer agents because they already have a lot of inconsiderate people to talk to every day and they are just adding insult to injury.

The mental health of these workers are in critical condition. They constantly face anger, hate, pain, hurt, and a lot of verbal abuse from customers who fail to notice that these agents are also people with feelings. Sure, they're paid to receive all of the customer's complaints but the customers should know the limit as not to attack the agents.

The call centers may be one of the stressful jobs in the world. They constantly face apathy and dehumanization. How can you expect them to face another caller and greet them "good"morning when they just went through hell with a past arrogant caller?

We should be more sensitive of others feelings... this is what we should learn...

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