Sunday, October 8, 2006

Ms. Angelee O. Jasareno

I will surely miss Ma'am Jasareno, she is such a great loss to the XU - College of Nursing... but what can we do, Ma'am Jasareno has to go back somewhere (confidential) to continue her awesome job as a researcher.

Ma'am Jasareno is perhaps the kindest and most loving and even motherly advisor that I had ever met in college. She's the only teacher in college that never aims to degrade your self-esteem but instead lifts you up on a pedestal so you can look at yourself with dignity and pride. No, Ma'am Jasareno is more than a mere teacher... she was a mentor...forming our young minds and forming our attitudes... we arereally empoweredunder her wings.

Ma'am Jasareno is a symbol of credibility and all out generosity... Buhuhu... I'm really getting so sentimental...

My last words for Ma'am Jasareno... she's so incredible! She's my role-model from now on hehehe!

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