Tuesday, October 17, 2006

On Mistakes

We have to admit that doing nothing can sometimes be very productive. It gives you time to reflect and for some, this is the perfect opportunity to let all the creative juices flow. As for me, it is in these times of dullness and stillness that I suddenly get hit by great ideas and realizations.

It is in these times of dullness for example that I have once again realized that I shouldn’t be afraid of making mistakes. Sure I have chosen the wrong choices and taken the wrong paths but this should not be a hindrance or even an excuse for failure. Yes, these mistakes will make us stronger and will serve as a good lesson as not to commit similar mistakes in the future.

Yes I have made dumb mistakes in my life that still makes me gag and look at myself with hate and disgust. But what’s done is done. I could never change the past. I have to live my life and continue my journey for the search of myself and my destiny.

I am happier with myself now and even content. Sure we all commit mistakes sometimes; it is these mistakes that prove that we are only human. What really matters is how we handle these mistakes. We can either allow our mistakes ruin our lives or we can use this negativity and transform it to something positive. As long as there is hope and strong will, nothing is impossible.

Don’t be afraid to commit mistakes… but a piece of advice. If you know it’s going to be a mistake, then why go through it right?

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