Saturday, December 2, 2006

Assisting in a Pap Smear

Last November 30, I went down to Cagayan de Oro because I was one of the eight endorsed by our clinical instructor's to assist in the Pap Smear at the Mother's House (An extension of German Doctors). I was quite excited and I have to admit that I had a bit of hepatomegalee episode (enlargement of the liver or bukad atay/burst of ego). Yeah it really felt good to be recognized because of your skills (char!).

I really thought that I could really experience a pap smear procedure but it was unfortunate that not one patient showed up. But at least I was able to take one client's vital signs (which I think I did ok). It was very fun though! I had fun talking to my team mates and it was cool to be able to share things with them.

We weren't able to gain some experience but we still have some incentives... incentives that I can't talk about because it would be a breach of secrecy. Hehehe...

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