Sunday, December 24, 2006

Merry Christmas!

Somehow I really feel the Christmas spirit this December. Well my Christmas isn't that extravagant and all and I don't have as much gifts that I used to but somehow I still feel blessed.

I'm very happy even if we don't have that big dinner that we used to, the annual Christmas family reunion, or as I said my gifts. I'm happy because out of this simplicity and freedom from all the material things that people relate to Christmas I get to feel the real sense of Christmas and every other holidays. For me the most important thing is to be with my family and that is the best thing ever.

Yes, I still hate the carolers who are still persistent and would even wait several minutes waiting for you to give them money... speaking of the devil, a kid is saying "Pasko tag-balay" again... oh well, why not give him a little something right?

Anyway, I still love Christmas day even if a lot has changed. I'm surprised that I don't have the sleepless nights that I used to whenever I get too excited for Christmas. Even if I don't seem excited, Christmas will still be Christmas and I still love it.

I'll be waiting for New Year though, when I get to see on TV all the kids with their hands blown off, JUST KIDDING!!!! I'm not THAT evil hehehe.


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