Thursday, September 21, 2006

Sex Sells

It really is funny how people are so attracted to the topic about sex... but what is in sex that is so likable? Before you get me wrong this topic is PG-rated as well as this blog but let us tackle this very strange controversy.

I have noticed that in every form of advertisement there is always a tinge of sex, if not, all out sexual message is seen. Pervertive acts, words, and even thoughts are already made normal in this era and it is quite alarming.

What ever happened to true love? What happened to purity? I blame the media for this. The media is what sets trends, the what's good and whats bad; the what's hot and what's not. But I also think that the people who follow these trends are stupid. Why do they have to be such stereotypes?!

I can excuse the stupid teens for being so stupid and horny but even some adults are not to be excused from this excessive lust. Whatever happened to the saying that the adults are suppose to set an example?

I think that money and sex are the roots of all evil. These are the structural sins of society... I just hope that we put an end to this soon and reclaim our souls...

I don't want to sound like a righteous Christian but really... I don't think that I am all good... I am also a sinner... I just realized my mistakes.

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