Saturday, August 5, 2006

Lady In the Water

I watched this movie a few hours ago at Limketkai called "Lady in the Water" and once again M. Night Shyamalan impressed me again with one of his movies. He isn't just an award winning actor/director, he is also now an actor! He plays a role of a writer in this story who is destined to write a social situation book entitled "The Cookbook" and this will inspire a future US President who will promote change for the world.

But Mr. Shyamalan is not the main character. It's really about a superintendent of a certain apartment. This apartment is visited by a sea nymph sent to inspire and awaken the character of Mr. Shyamalan here to write the story. The sea nymphs are creatures who can see the future and provide enlightenment to the people that is why they should be heard by the people so that they could help the people change their greedy and evil ways.

The conflict of the story is that an evil force is preventing the sea nymph to return to their world (the Blue World) because if the sea nymph (Story) is to return to their world, this would serve as a sign of good hope to the other nymphs and they would continue reaching out to the people.

What inspired me in this story is that the fact that the story showed how inter-related people really are. One action of a person can affect another person directly or indirectly.

This is avery good movie!!! You should watch it! It's better than Sukob hehehe...

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