Wednesday, April 2, 2008

I'm Definitely a David Archuleta Fan!

I was going to sleep early tonight but decided to watch TV and American Idol was on. It so happened that it was David Archuleta's turn to perform. I wasn't a fan of David nor do I watch American Idol but when I saw David perform tonight I was totally blown away. I immediately became an Archuleta fan and for very good reasons too!

It has been said that David is the predicted grand winner for this season of American Idol and I couldn't agree more. Like Simon Cowell I also have a nose for star power and oh boy David is one shining star! He does not only have an incredible sweet voice, he also has good looks to come with his adorable smile and personality... and this is being objective of of course. Hey! Even Simon agrees with me that David is great.

Although David had some bad performances (I saw these on Youtube) where he forgot the lyrics I would say, "So what?" I didn't actually notice that he skipped some lines because I was just concentrating on his great over all performance. The studio audience enjoyed it like I did too, I could say this because David (like always) gets the loudest applause. This isn't a wonder because David sure does have a huge fan base because as I said for a 17 year old, he is quite impressive. This is one of the reasons that I can say that he will be the American Idol.

I guess other Filipinos would agree with me as they are already hoping that David would be part Filipino so that they could also vote for him asides from Ramiele Malubay. I'm Filipino but I have to stick with one idol and that is David Archulete even if he isn't Filipino.

And to prove why I think David is just booming with talent here is his video when he was younger playing on the piano and singing Vanessa Carlton's A Thousand Miles. And I rate his performance here a 9/10!

And why is he adorable as people say? Just watch this fan video and you'll understand why:

So ladies and gentlemen, David Archulete, the future American Idol! The young singer with a great voice, adorable looks, and a great personality. What a great package for a future and rising star!

Oh yeah here's more of David:

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  1. i'm not a regular viewer of AI but when I heard Ramiele Malubay perform, I suddenly got blown away the same way you had. =P hehe. Not because she's a Filipina to take pride, she's just really got my ears chocolaty after listening to her several times hehe.

    oh well. i searched archuleta though IMEEM, nakinig at ok din ah. magaling. ok version niya sa a thousand times.

    nag-agree din si Simon kay Ramiele na magaling siya hahaha...2 na sila hehe

  2. a thousand miles pala un haha.. he's good in keyboards =D

  3. hehehe! Well, we all have our own preferences and they're all great. If they weren't they won't be in the top 10.

    so mabuhay si david at si Ramiele! hehehe. :)