Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Being a Medical X-Ray Technician

These past few days as I blog hopped through other nurse bloggers out there I found out that some of them are actually thinking of taking another job. This isn't a big wonder since being a nurse drains so much out of you, your physical, mental, and even emotional aspect are all exhausted. Even I maybe thinking of pursuing another medical career if I get tired of nursing (hopefully not).

But if ever I do get tired of nursing there is one job that I can see myself someday. And that is being a medical x-ray technician. It's quite fascinating how you operate these radiologic equipments plus those MRI and CT Scans. Being an x-ray technician is also less stressful and the pay is also very good! It's a good way to be able to work in the hospital as a medical professional without the headaches and stress that nurses and other allied health workers have to experience.

And I've heard that there are online schools for anyone interested in being a medical x-ray technician, how cool is that? Wonder how I would look like and be like if I was an x-ray technician? Great I presume hahaha!

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