Thursday, April 3, 2008

My Bro's Blog: The Fil-Can Boy

Boy I really slept late last night. I think it was around 1 am. And it's not because of late night partying and not even because of my blogging! Well it's somehow because of blogging but it's not my blog that I worked hard on, but my brother's blog! Well I have really no complains because like any good elder brother would do, I forced my younger brother to blog. Well there are many reasons why I encouraged him to blog. And these reasons are:
  • To aid him in improving his writing skills (to make him comfortable with the English language)
  • To make him stay put at home so he won't go out of the house that much (that is when he gets addicted to blogging)
  • To give his friends here in the Philippines updates onhis new life in Canada
  • To give him the opportunity to earn money while blogging (and I get 10% of his earnings hahaha!)
Hahaha! What devious reasons to make him blog hehehe. Well I think I did a pretty well job designing his blogspot but I made myself promise that I won't anymore help him in his posts and linking with people and stuff. That's his responsibility now as it is his blog. It's very difficult having two blogs right now, My Nurses Notes & Grim Angel, and I'm not going to kill myself by managing a third blog, my brother's blog: The Fil-Can Boy.

You might wonder why my brother's blog is entitled The Fil-Can Boy. Well I'm actually responsible for his blog title since my brother has simply no interest in blogging. It's entitled The Fil-Can Boy because a couple of years from now he's going to be a Filipino-Canadian and blogging may sure be a good way to divert his fears and frustrations of being an immigrant into his new home: Canada.

Oh yeah please do visit his blog guys and Please be nice to him. Please ask him too to exchange links with you. Hehehe. :)

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