Thursday, April 3, 2008

I'm Loving Entrecard

I just love Entrecard! What is Entrecard? Well it's just one of the best ways to get connected with other bloggers and increase your page traffic tremendously! Entrecard works like leaving a business card into a blog/site that has an Entrecard widget and the blog/site owner then visits your blog and drop his/her Entrecard. It's like switching Entrecards (business cards if you want to put it that way).

Plus you have a great incentive when you drop Entrecards! Every time you drop your card or someone drops a card in your site you earn Entrecard credits. These credits can then be used to advertise on other blogs. See my Entrecard at the upper right corner of my blog. Notice the ad? The site owner paid me Entrecard credits to advertise in my blog. So I then use these credits to advertise on other blogs and this increases the chance that other bloggers can hop their way to my blog. Isn't that amazing?

I have spent several precious hours joining in blog directories but it is only Entrecard that had helped me increase my site traffic exponentially! So I invite everyone to join in and don't forget to leave your card on my site! ^_^

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