Sunday, March 16, 2008

Missy the Dogie

You just have to love my dogie! Her name is Missy and she's kind of weird in a funny sort of way. I went out of the house to check up on her and there she comes waking from her sleep wagging her tail in a cute way. I was about to pet her when she started running back and forth our yard like crazy so I thought she must need some "out-of-the-house" time. Well, we all do need to get out of the house and make have a walk somewhere. So I took her with me for a walk and then all of the sudden her collar broke and she ran like crazy! Kind of like an escaped convict if you ask me.

I was frantic and ran after her and boy, how can you catch a dog that runs that fast? Grr! I was getting frustrated and decided to come home. I thought that Missy would rather run away somewhere and be a wild dog or something. But to my surprise she ran back to me as I turned my back and followed me home.

Guess she just needed to break free for a while and chase the other dogs and birds and spend her stored energy. She's very hyperactive people! It's like she's on a high sugar diet or something.

Well, I will sure miss her when we leave for Canada. But I know she'll be happy with her mom and bro when we return her to her original owner.
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