Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Instant Make-Over!

I learned about this website from PixelRN and I was a bit curious and wanted to try it out to see if really is what it advertises: creating a new look. Well the site is actually intended for the female audience but I still wanted to try it anyway. Good thing that the site offered some short hair that are also good for guys. Of course I was curious enough to try the long female hairs but it did not turn out good. hehehe!


So what do you think? From the haggard looking person to the stylish F4 Wanna Be look hahaha! is actually very fun to play with but is more practical for female users of course. The site offers you to create a new look using real to life products. It's like testing beauty products in the convenience of your own home/office/library or where ever you are as long as you're connected to the internet.

I don't use make-up or plan to use make-up but the products used on the site are very nice! I especially liked the contacts. The site is also very user friendly. It beats using photoshop which is a nightmare for newbies like me.

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