Monday, March 31, 2008

I'll Miss My Boiled Peanuts

One advantage of living far away from civilization is that you get to go on an hour travel time. And what do I do during these travel times? I either take a nap, listen to music, or I think... Yup I think of emo stuff to serious stuff to dirty stuff hahaha! I just have a lot of thoughts that surges into my mind when I'm not doing anything. And I was on a one way ride to daydream land I was thinking what I'll be missing in the Philippines when I move to Canada.

I was nibbling on my favorite bag of boiled peanuts when the thought hit me, I'll miss my boiled peanuts hehehe. I know that Canada will have peanuts but I'm not sure if they'll have my favorite fresh boiled peanuts. Maybe I'll start my peanut shop there and spread the addiction to peanuts, acne afflicted skin, and anaphylactic shock from allergies to peanuts hehehe. What an evil plan to destroy the world. But seriously, I'll miss Pinoy dishes but I don't think that I'll be missing it that much because my dad (yup he's our personal slave/cook/house boy/carpenter/plumber/driver/assistant/etc) will be with us.

I'll miss my friends, my school, and my way of life here in the Philippines. But I won't miss the sight of poverty, injustice, and plain ugliness that the Philippines has to offer for Filipino. Moving to Canada is a an escape from all these hardships that the common Filipino has. Well, we aren't poor so I haven't really experience real hardship but we're not rich either so I somehow have an idea of how a poor Filipino live.

I know for a fact that I'll be enjoying my new life and I sure can't wait to move.

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