Wednesday, March 12, 2008

11 Commandments in Using the Toilet

I found this hilarious 11 Commandments in Using the Toilet (actually 12 but one rule is illegible) while browsing through our old class blogspot, Tataknerd. And I have to say, who ever made these rules sure does have a great sense of humor:

11 Commandments in Using the Toilet
  1. Lift the seat before starting.
  2. Caution! All women place seat in proper position before sitting.
  3. Do not waste paper - use both sides. If paper is scarce use your ingenuity but be careful for hygiene reasons.
  4. Do not confuse toilet brush with toothbrush.
  5. Save electricity - learn to aim in the dark.
  6. Long timers be warned! After two hours ejectochair will start working.
  7. When writing graffiti on the wall - use only waterproof colors and brushes of good quality. Please write legibly.
  8. Flush only when a risk of suffocation or feeling of sickness occurs.
  9. Warning! When dispatching excessive amounts there is a strong possibility of blockage. Flush several times and hope for the best.
  10. If flooding occurs - keep calm. Life vest is under your seat. Tread water until help arrives.
  11. Avoid crowds - max: 16 persons in this room.


  1. I think your blog is really interesting and would be perfect for - the first ever blog-to-film competition. And it is free! - Kimberly (co-creator of the competition)

  2. wow that would be really amazing, my blog turned into a movie? well I should place more exciting posts about my life then hehehe.