Friday, March 21, 2008

Nursing: Back To Basics

Today I have heard what I have feared the most... It's bad enough that I have to transfer to another school and lose my chance and my dream of graduating from Xavier University - Ateneo de Cagayan. But my fear had been realized. My mom has told me that I might have to take some 12th Year Subjects and then go back to 1st Year College just like what a friend's child had gone through...

I was at first at denial and I was rationalizing, a defense mechanism, that I would not actually have to go back to the very beginning because I already have an Associate in Health Science Education and I had already been capped and badged... but then I realized that the education system in Canada is different from the Philippines and that some of my subjects might not be credited at all.

It's sad but if you weigh the pros and cons, going back to first year in a new country and a new life might not be bad at all. Here are the pros and cons that I have thought of:

the CONS:
  • my batch mates will graduate ahead of me
  • I'll finish my Bachelor of Science in Nursing when I'm 23 or 24 years old
  • my 3 years of studying, hardship, and turmoil will be all for nothing
  • If I fail the challenge exam/placement exam I might go back to high school (darn I forgot my high school concepts already)
the PROS:
  • starting fresh will give me a chance to master the Nursing concepts and theories
  • I have an edge over my new fresh high school graduate classmates
  • better quality education and clinical exposure [I'm sorry XU, but studying at University of Alberta (hopefully, fingers crossed) is being in the real thing, the ideal nursing setting]
  • I can easily land a job in Alberta and I'll be prioritized over foreign nurses
  • I'll be with my family and will not be left alone in the Philippines
Oh my, I'm like a newly hatched chick that will have to go back to my egg shell and start the process of hatching all over again. But I have made my decision, I will study in Canada so that I can be with my family even if I have to go back to 1st year. The pros seems promising and when I graduate I won't really be that old.

Besides, I don't want to shift to another course because there is no other course that I would want to shift to. My dream and my goal is to be a Registered Nurse, and that is what I will become.

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  1. Hi My Nurses Notes,

    I'm sorry to hear you have to start nursing school all over again, however, think of the bright side... you'll be getting a foreign education that's closer to the actual nursing environment you'll working in when you graduate. It may seem like a waste of time for you since you already started nursing school, but think of it this way... at 19 y/o, time is on your side, enjoy your youth, widen your horizon, take the plunge. On the other hand, this may be an opportunity for you to pursue your real dream in life if nursing is not your passion. Don't let people dictate what you should take in college, not even your parents... you won't regret it. Nevertheless, I'm wishing you success in whatever course you pursue. Just be true to yourself. Best wishes!

    - 5 Wester

  2. thank you for the comment 5 wester! ^_^

    I am already at ease. Yeah you're right. I'm still young and nursing is my passion. Thank you again! ^_^