Monday, March 10, 2008

My Brain is on Vacation

As of this very moment I am officially an Out-of-School-Youth. Yup damn right I am. It's time to have my summer vacation started and have the rest period that I have been waiting for for the past few weeks now.

Finally, a little more "me" time and more time for sleeping and all that none sense. "None sense" you ask? Well, although I've been praying to be out of school and just bum around it's not that rewarding.

I'm at home all day with out anything worth doing. The past few weeks I've been fiddling around with my computers at home doing system checks, downloading/updating softwares, and downloading pc games which I don't have the interest to play with (well not yet of course).

I have prepared well for this summer vacation from buying anime DVD's and PC games so that I won't get bored. But surprisingly, I find playing PC games and watching movies a complete waste of time. Oh my God! What am I saying? I love PC games and watching anime. But for the past couple of days now I have been more interested in blogging about health related stuff so that my brain won't become stagnant.

Yup, I want to learn. I'm not a big nerd or geek but I don't want to forget everything I've learned in school so I want to keep my brain in tip-top shape by blogging. Who would have guessed that my addiction to blogging could be worth while huh?

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