Monday, March 24, 2008

Delaying Tactics

Boy! Am I good with delaying stuff hahaha! Last night I have planned again to continue my dream of losing weight (for health reasons, not for image reasons hahaha!) even if it meant disobeying the wishes of my mom! But sadly I stayed up late talking with my brother in the living room. Who would've thought that I could have those 7th Heaven mushy heart to heart talks with my brother... ewe... hehehe... I realized that I don't know much about my little brother and having that talk makes me think that he's human after all hahaha! I respect and understand him more now that we had that talk and I promised myself that I won't be that strict to him and be mean and all that stuff.

Anyway as expected, I didn't have a good sleep. In fact I woke up before 4:15 am, the time I plan to wake up to exercise. I knew by then that I wouldn't be able to wake up and have the energy to exercise. And to my surprise my mom actually woke up at 3:00 am and checked up on me to see if I was actually in my room. Hmm... I wonder where she gets her information and knew that I had plans to sneak out of the house? hehehe? Is it mother's intuition?

Anyway, I bet that I won't be able to wake up early later because I have to look after the new camcorder that my mom bought. Since it's new I have to wait for it until it's charged for 3 hours. My mom came home at 9:00 pm so I have to stay up until 12:00 am to unplug the camera. And of course since I love gadgets, I want to play with it and all so tomorrow's exercise is once again rescheduled...

I wonder if I really want to exercise or is my subconscious telling me that I don't really want to wake up that early in the morning to lose weight. Ok what is with the losing weight thing anyway? I'm not that obese really, well maybe a few percent obese but not that much! It just happens that I'm not tall enough that's why I'm obese hahaha!

I just want to get rid of my big tummy for health reasons. Being obese could lead to many health problems concerning the circulatory system not to mention psychological problems brought about a disturbed body image hehehe.

Anyway as I have read in an article by Tina Juan, one reason why I have a big tummy is that I have poor posture and that my abdominal muscles are weak that's why my internal organs are bulging out... ok my post is becoming nasty so I'll end it here.

Bottom line: Eat right, exercise daily, and most of all straight back and suck my gut! Hahaha!

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