Sunday, March 9, 2008

On Piracy

"Ahoy there! You land-lovers er wondering why I'm a pirate I reckon?!"

Well I'm a pirate for a very simple reason: I use pirated software. I know, I know... "Very bad Edgar you are so evil! You are causing the impedance of growth and innovations because you're stealing and all..."

I know that piracy is bad but what can I do? I'm addicted to it. It's like seeing a treasure chest right in front of me, and by instinct I grab the treasure chest and keep it to myself.

But you just have to be amazed by the way people are resourceful enough to generate keygens (that's key generators in short) or create programs to get through password/serial number impregnated softwares.

I'm actually downloading a torrent right now that contains Final Fantasy VII for the PC and at the same time downloading a rapidshare file: Silent Hill 4: The Room. These are all RPG's (Role Playing Games) mind you, my type of computer games where I play the role of a character and be engulfed in the story and such. My reason for piracy is one it's cheap and I'm able to get downloads that are very rare and hard to find like Final Fantasy VII. There are a lot of pirated Cd's being sold in broad daylight in the Philippines in shops that are legal mind you but I prefer to download because again it's cheaper (I'm so cheap I'm sorry).

But with piracy comes great consequences. Although it's amazing that you can download stuff for free you are posing yourself to great danger like having your PC infested by viruses, adwares, and the worst destroys your PC. I've heard a rumor that once Microsoft finds out that your PC is counterfeit they can easily fry or overload your system to the point that it can be salvageable. Pretty scary huh? Not to mention the potential lawsuits that you will get if they gather enough evidence to prove that you tamper with their software or such.

Ok fine, I'll stop my downloads. This stress is not worth it. Plus it takes so long for my download to finish because the free version of Rapidshare restricts the download speed... but there is a way to pirate a premium Rapidshare account. But again bad idea...

Hmm... being good sucks... hehehe...

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