Friday, March 28, 2008

Fifty-Six Cents... Oh boy... Seriously?

You might be wondering what I'm blabbering about this Fift-Six cents thing. Well let;s just say that this day is so tiring and depressing. Here's the story. I went down to the city (literally since I live in the beautiful mountain province of Bukidnon) to get my transcript of records from Xavier University High School, which is also located on another mountain... why am I obsess with mountains? Anyway my mom gave me Php 150 for my fare and food and I was like what? You're only giving me this amount? How am I going to get home (the fare going to our house is Php 45 by the way)? She told me that we'll just go home together since she already gave the rest of her money to my little brother who went to the beach with friends. At first I was mumbling why is his allowance for the day bigger than mine but I decided not to make a big fuss about it to prevent any problems.

So I went down to the city and decided to take a taxi up the second mountain because it was already 10:30 and business hours today are only up to 12 noon and I still had to go to the main campus to take care of my other transcript of records in college. I was thinking that the fare for the taxi would only cost around Php 60. But to my great dismay and surprise I had to pay Php 75. I would try to make a run for it but not only is that plain evil I couldn't run fast enough because I was carrying with me a laptop and the taxi driver has... well his car.
But if you think that my misery and impoverished state was worst enough I had to pay another Php 30 for the transcript of records processing fee. So to sum up all my fare to go down the city and up another mountain and subtract that from the money I had, I will get the great total of Php 16. Oh my God, I'm so pathetic.

But my misery does not end there. Well I took the jeepney this time since I had no choice, I was broke, and I paid Php 6 for the fare. I then proceeded to our College of Nursing to get my recommendation letter which happened to be not there. Well, I'm not really complaining since there is still a lot of time and I understand that they should prioritize the job application recommendations of past graduates (our 98% PRC Nursing Board Exam Passers). Oh well, I still do have to apply for the release of my transcript of records so no big deal, I'll just return this Monday.

And so this part explains why my post title is Fifty-Six Cents. I went to the finance office to have my clearance card checked and signed when the lady at the registrar printed out an account statement. I new that meant that we still had unfinished financial obligations which seems unrealistic to me because we have already settled all of this before my final exam. How on earth would I take the final exam if I haven't paid my tuition completely right? As I read the statement I was taken back... Running balance: Php 0.56. As in for real? Seriously? Fifty-six cents! They want me to pay Fifty-six cents! Of course I really did not worry about paying Php 0.56 but my point is my school sure does think of money as very important as they still had bothered to hold my records because of an unpaid Php 0.56.

Well I paid up what I lacked and smiled when I was given Php 0.30 cents for my Php 1.00 that I gave. An evil thought came into my mind: what if I demand that I be given the "EXACT" change as it seems that cents these days are very important to them. But of course I didn't do that because the lady was very nice and helpful to me. So in return to her kindness and respect, I shown her kindness and respect.

But my encounter with the bookcenter is the main even why my day is so shitty today. Imagine, there were 6-8 people inside that pathetic useless office and no one even bothered to approach me at the window. I understand that it's still office hours and costumers are always important. But these stupid so-called "Student Assistants" are of no assistance at all. I was very calm and kind when I said, "Excuse me" but they just went on with their lives talking. Finally there was this girl who went to the window to get some paper or something and I asked her where I could have this clearance slip signed. She said Window 5 (without even looking at me the whole time). I peeked at window 5 and it was closed. So I went back to her and informed her that there was no one at Window 5. And my very angry self suddenly blurted what I wanted to suppress: "Mga Bastos!" Translation: You people are so Rude! And it was true. They seem to have all the time doing nothing and they don't even entertain students very well. Well then, you should just close down if you don't want to do any service for the students. Seriously, I never buy things from them because aside from their snail-like movement there goods and books are crappy.

And so that ends my miserable story. I'm hanging out at the bridge of the Aggies Building because it's the only part of the school that I could get a WiFi connection since the library is closed. I'm hungry and I am so bored! Good thing I decided to bring my laptop, I would have died from boredom and hunger pangs if I didn't.

Bottom line, despite some shitty office and services that Xavier University has, I still love Xavier and am proud if it. It just have to remove some unworthy people from their jobs.

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