Friday, March 28, 2008

My Bubbly Teacher

I posted here about my day being bad and all but you know what? It's still 2:00 pm and even though I have no money to buy food maybe this day could still turn around and end up with a happy conclusion.

But I don't have to wait for happy things to happen because something wonderful did happen already. I saw three of my old high school teachers and I'm glad that I did. I saw Ma'am Gomez, my beloved first year home room adviser and Science teacher who was very busy so I didn't interrupt her. I also saw Ma'am, I mean, Dr. Vedua, who was very professional looking as always. She's my former Trigonometry teacher by the way and she is a very smart woman! She won't get her PhD if she wasn't, duh! She was with one of my clinical instructors in front of the AVR 1 and they were talking to each other and asking if they had WiFi connections with their laptops. I was wondering how they knew each other but let's just leave that as one of the great mysteries of the world hehehe.
But one teacher really struck me the most: Ma'am AlmeƱana. I saw her at the high school, actually she saw me first. I was waiting for my transcript of records and I was fiddling with my laptop when a roll of paper swung in front of my screen I looked to see who it was and there was my former Economics teacher smiling and was very bubbly. She was wearing casual clothes and her image was refreshing. I smiled back and great memories flowed in. It was very flattering that after 3 years my former high school teacher still remembered who I was despite having a lot of new students every year.

Awe I'm reminiscing the good days again. As the guest speaker in my brother's graduation said yesterday, we can never be able to pay back our teachers for all of the things that they have taught us. That is why I highly respect my teachers.

What a great day this is indeed. I'll sure miss them when I'll move away.

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